Which Game of Thrones House Are You In, Based On Your Financial Habits?

Take Money Under 30’s quiz to find out how your financial personality relates to the houses that are battling it out for the ultimate throne.

In writing A Song of Ice And Fire (what has become known as The Game of Thrones), George R. R. Martin included a robust economic system governing the world of Westeros. Some houses are carefree with their money, accumulating debt and living large. Others are miserly, spending only within their budgetary constraints.

It can be fun to see which you most identify with. Take our quiz to find out how your financial personality relates to the houses that are battling it out for the ultimate throne.

The Major Game of Thrones Houses and what they Mean About Your Finances

If you’re curious about some other financial personalities and which Game of Thrones House typifies them, here’s the full list.

House Stark

Game of Thrones Quiz

The words “winter is coming” are synonymous with this honorable family. The family has been through some tough times and suffered many tragic personal losses.

The household is struggling to make ends meet, and they attempt to save where they can. With the threat of winter approaching, this house is attempting to build stockpiles of wealth to prepare for tougher times ahead.

Like House Stark, you’re a frugal spender who likes to budget your money and rarely spend outside of it. You find a way to avoid taking on debt even when times get tough by getting creative with your frugal spending.

As you emulate the Starks financial habits, you have started to build your emergency fund with intensity to prepare for any unexpected surprises in your financial future.

You likely have an established budget, spend consciously, and aggressively pay down any debts.

Generally, you prepare for the worst case scenario and that is reflected in your finances.

House Lannister

Game of Thrones Quiz

Cersei, Jaime, and Tyrion were born into a legacy of wealth that their father had maintained for them. Safely ensconced within the walls of Casterly Rock, the family grew up surrounded by the finer things in life.

As the family marched towards power, they realized that feeding an army is not cheap. Eventually, the gold in their vaults was completely gone. However, that did not stop this family from continuing to spend money they didn’t have. Based on their good credit history supported by the motto that “a Lannister always pays his debts,” the Lannisters secured shockingly large loans to continue their lavish lifestyle and pay for wars. The family has been able to stay afloat based on the loans but eventually, they will have to repay these outlandish debts.

Like the Lannisters, you lead a luxury lifestyle. When you want to buy something, you go for it without consulting your budget or your constantly dwindling savings account. However, when you take on debt, you make a goal to pay it off quickly.

If you are borrowing money to fund your lifestyle, then you likely identify with the Lannisters. You may want to consider seriously budgeting and increasing your income through a side hustleto dig yourself out of this hole.

House Targaryen

Game of Thrones Quiz

The mother of dragons represents a house fueled by “fire and blood” that is seeking to regain its place at the Iron Throne. Not too long ago, the Targaryen family ruled Westeros with the strength of their powerful dragons.

After the family’s fall from power, Daenerys and her brother were raised on a budget not fit for a queen. As she struggled her way through exile, she has built wealth and respect along the way. She has traveled the realm and continuously moved closer to the ultimate victory.

As a Targaryen, you may have struggled to survive your original financial situation but took strategic steps to break free from your paycheck to paycheck cycle. You value building your savings and use investment apps to grow your resources into a long-term foundation of wealth.

Of course, it took hard work like learning how to eat on a budget and finding a way to believe in your dream of financial freedom. Plus, you likely learned how to travel hack your way around the world on a budget because unfortunately, you don’t have access to a dragon.

House Baratheon

Game of Thrones Quiz

The brothers of Baratheon House were continuously fighting amongst themselves about money. Each wanted a bigger portion of their wealth to squander on various vices.

Robert became a drunk that was only interested in dining, entertainment, and women. Stannis fared no better and spent all of his money on the whims of the Red Woman. The brothers shared a distaste for responsible budgeting and enjoyed spending like there was no tomorrow.

Like the Baratheons, you enjoy spending without thinking about the consequences but you still want to be rich. If you get yourself into debt, you typically ignore it until the collections agency calls you up. Even if you won the lottery to solve all of your current financial woes today, you would quickly blow through your winnings with luxury vacations and fast cars tomorrow.

If you spend with a reckless abandon, then you would fit in well at the Baratheon household. A few signs that you are a Baratheon at heart include refusing to try budgeting or trying to impress your friends with money that you don’t have.

House Tyrell

Game of Thrones Quiz

The Tyrells have been blessed with fertile lands surrounding their lovely castle of Highgarden. Within their beautiful surroundings, the family enjoys a comfortable life without any financial stress.

Like the Tyrells, you have no debts and spend your money as you please but still live within your means. With a healthy emergency fund on hand, you feel comfortable with whatever life throws your way. You likely choose to share your good fortune through generous loans to friends or donations to charity.

You may enjoy the benefits of a lucrative job or inherited wealth. You choose to generously share your good fortune through loans and cosigning with friends but expect to be repaid for your generosity.

House Martell

Game of Thrones Quiz

House Martell had originally stayed somewhat neutral throughout the battles for the throne. The tight-knit family seemed to prefer its own territory and avoided large conflicts with others.

However, that all changed with the brutal killing of Oberyn by the hands of the Clegane. Since then, the house has erupted into chaos with Ellaria emerging as the leader. Her fiery personality has lead to bold actions with big repercussions.

Like House Martell, you do not have a plan for your money. Instead, you react to each situation without completely thinking it through. Although you have some savings to protect yourself from your reckless spending habits, you have no desire to be filthy rich. However, you do plan to avoid taking on any debt because you hate the idea of owning anyone money.

The family allows their emotions to dictate where they invest their money. If you have tried to beat the market with the next “sure thing” with a quick purchase on your favorite investment app, then you might belong to the Martell clan.

House Greyjoy

Game of Thrones Quiz

The members of the Greyjoy House are a rowdy bunch. They appear to hate following leaders of any kind. In fact, there is even a divide within the house about whether they should follow Euron or Yara.

As a member of House Greyjoy, you share a dislike for following the crowd. In fact, you would prefer to be leading the crowd instead of a member of the masses. In order to achieve that lofty goal, you are working to build your savings account with a long-term goal of financial independence. You know that careful budgeting will help you reach your goals, so you meticulously budget with a trusted app.

You are likely striving to build your credit and improve your financial situation. You like to set (and achieve) financial goals to prove to yourself and the world that you are worthy of a seat at the table.

House Arryn

Game of Thrones Quiz

The Arryn House is established in the Vale and serves as the protector of Eastern Westeros. Although the house has never shown too much of an interest in the war for the throne, it is inevitably drawn into the fold occasionally. Generally, the family keeps to itself in its well-fortified home with a small army for protection and enough money in the bank to fund a modest lifestyle.

As a member of the Arryn House, you likely manage your money with a “no-frills” approach. You live a comfortable lifestyle but you’re sure to stay well within your means without any goals of becoming extremely wealthy. You have built a solid emergency fund by generally sticking to your budget. Your financial choices have built a solid credit score but you rarely rely on credit.

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